Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Active Spirits – Room 202 – Membership: Mixed ages, couples and singles. Study: Adult Bible studies, primarily leader-discussion format. Projects: Various, often associated with Leisure Ministries.

Branches – Room 302 – Membership: Couples and singles (35-45). Study: Bible study, beliefs of Methodism. Projects: Various with focus on BSUMC opportunities.

Bridges – Room 224A – Membership: Singles/couples (30-50). Study: Bible study and class discussion.

College/Young Adult/Career – The group meets at the downtown campus every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. Look for the entrance at College and Richardson Streets. (Click this link for a map.)

Communion – Room 303 – Membership: Couples (45 to 60). Study: Variety including Bible study, child development concerns, personal enrichment, and occasional guest speakers.

Connections – Room 203 – Membership: Young couples and singles. Study: Video studies, Biblical studies, yearly class retreat, offers you the chance to get in on the ground floor of a year old class.

Cornerstone – Room 102 – Membership: Mixed ages, couples and singles. Study: Facilitated discussion of Bible Study Books. Projects: Various.

Emmanuel – Scout Hut Upper Room – Membership: Mixed ages (40+). Study: In-depth discussion with shared learning of biblically-based curriculum. Projects: Various service projects.

Entertaining Angels (Special Needs) – Room 101 – Membership: The Special Education ministry for adults called “Entertaining Angels” who serve the needs of mentally challenged adults. Study: focuses on singing, Bible studies, and prayer.

Foundations – Room 114 – Membership: Mixed ages (30+), mainly newcomers to Buncombe St. Study: Various short studies with discussion sometimes with video.

Grace – Room 215 – Membership: Primarily parents of young children but not limited. Study: Discussion format of parenting and Biblical topics.

Joy – Room 115 – Membership: 35+ year-olds who mainly have elementary-aged children. Study: Members teaching books of the Bible. Projects: BSUMC sponsored outreach activities (i.e. feeding Jesus, GAIHN, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) and various social activities for both adults only and families.

New Beginnings – Room 301 – Membership: Singles and Couples (40s to 50s). Study: Christ-Centered Bible study. Projects: Soup Kitchen, Christmas projects, social activities including supper clubs.

Resurrection – Room 225A (Youth Hall) – Membership: Small group open to all. Study: Various studies.

Revelation – Room 204 – Membership: All ages (40+), single and couples. Study: International Lesson Series. Planned lesson with open discussion. Projects: United Ministries, Soup Kitchen, other community services and projects and frequent social activities.

Roundtable – Room 216 – Membership: Adult men and women (60+). Study: Adult Bible studies. Projects: Various projects.

Seekers – Room 214 – Membership: Couples and singles (55+). Study: Variety of issues. Projects: Boy Scouts, Asbury Hills camp; Seekers Retreat each winter.

Survivors – Office Conference Room – Membership: Adults who have gone through life-changing experiences, i.e, divorce, death of loved ones, etc.

Tommy Thomason Fellowship – Room 100 – Membership: Adult men and women (65+) Study: Judeo-Christian principals as applied to today’s problems. Projects: Meals on Wheels, Miracle Hill, United Ministries, Southernside Community Center, Habitat for Humanity and special projects at Christmas.