Combined Sunday School Class

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Combined Sunday School Class

“Your faithfulness continues through all generations.”

Here’s some good news: the Buncombe Street United Methodist Church Endowment Fund benefits every single member of this church! And here’s more good news: The Endowment Fund can be supported by every single member of this church.

A common myth is that Endowments are only for rich people or large donors. Not true! Every person can give, and when you do, your gift is invested and grows, such that your gift will continue to bless the Church’s missions and ministries forever.

Your faithfulness continues through all generations. This verse from Psalm 119 summarizes the basis of Endowment giving. God’s abundant love is unending, and our faithful response can also last beyond our years on Earth. Collective giving is a powerful way to continue a legacy of faithfulness.

The Endowment Fund Board of Directors is hosting a Combined Sunday School Class in Memorial Chapel at 10:00 AM on Sunday, April 29. Members of the Endowment’s Board of Directors will offer a devotion and program followed by a time for questions. This is an information session: you will not be asked to pledge or to give during this class.

Please come join your fellow Buncombe Street UMC members to learn about the BSUMC Endowment Fund: what it is, why we have it, how it works, how it supports our congregation, and ways for you to get involved.

For more information, contact Julia Sibley-Jones, Endowment Administrator, (864-720-1634).