Congregational Care

Congregational Care

The mission of Congregational Care at Buncombe Street is to promote an environment among the membership where soul care relationships are established through the identification of needs and the equipping of disciples. How do we work towards achieving this objective? First, each member could prayerfully consider how he or she might engage one or more people in developing giving and receiving relationships. Analogous to the crux of the cross, the very human need to give and receive intersects best through relationships. It is through these connections that we can nurture each other toward the wholeness of our human souls.

What do we mean by ‘soul care’? Well, soul care can be as simple as extending a word of welcome to a visitor, writing a personal note of concern or encouragement for a church member going through a loss, or developing a long-term relationship with someone dealing with personal crisis.

Opportunities abound for us, as members, to reach out to one another. As we begin to promote this environment at Buncombe Street, the Congregational Care Ministry Team is spearheading several new efforts that will better enable us to minister to each other:

Card Ministry – Volunteers send sympathy cards with personal messages to members when there is a death in the family, and again on the first anniversary.

Caring Ministry – Volunteers are assigned to visit with and form long-term relationships with members who are elderly, ill, homebound, and those dealing with personal crises. They provide friendship, encouragement, and prayer. They make at least one monthly visit.

Funeral Planning – This group assists families, members, ministers and funeral homes in planning and conducting comforting, reverent funerals at the church. They can assist with direction, programs, and refreshments.

Parish Nursing – Members who are health care professionals offer blood pressure screenings, flu shots, blood donor drives, educational programs and seminars. We want our congregation to be aware of the latest information and tools to
maintain long, healthy lifestyles.

Flower Ministry – Volunteers provide and place flowers for funerals and other special events, and make sure all arrangements are fresh and cared for. They also gather flowers for the Caring Ministry volunteers to take to members they visit. Beautiful flowers have always been a vital expression of our worship of God and our love for each other.

Grief Ministry – We reach out to members who have suffered deaths and other losses, such as divorce, unemployment, and significant traumas. We also want to provide support for those who are caregivers to elderly or chronically ill relatives.

Quilt Ministry – Quilts are made by committee members for |individuals who are experiencing a difficult time, such as an illness or serious accident. Prior to being given, the quilts are placed in the church lobbies where others may offer a silent prayer for the individual and tie a knot in the quilt.

Congregational Care