Congregational Care

Congregational Care

The mission of Congregational Care at Buncombe Street is to promote an environment among the membership where soul care relationships are established through the identification of needs and the equipping of disciples. How do we work towards achieving this objective? First, each member could prayerfully consider how he or she might engage one or more people in developing giving and receiving relationships. Analogous to the crux of the cross, the very human need to give and receive intersects best through relationships. It is through these connections that we can nurture each other toward the wholeness of our human souls.

What do we mean by ‘soul care’? Well, soul care can be as simple as extending a word of welcome to a visitor, writing a personal note of concern or encouragement for a church member going through a loss, or developing a long-term relationship with someone dealing with personal crisis.

Opportunities abound for us, as members, to reach out to one another. As we begin to promote this environment at Buncombe Street, the Congregational Care Ministry Team is spearheading several new efforts that will better enable us to minister to each other:

Congregational CareGrief Response – The goal of Grief Response is to raise congregational awareness of those currently experiencing the personal loss of a family member or loved one. Through this ministry we are able to encourage and minister to one another by contacting and connecting each other with community, spiritual restoration, and healing. Contact Rev. Grover Putnam (864-232-7341) for information.

Parish Nursing – BSUMC members who are nurses encourage healthy lifestyles and preventive care, along with a healthy spiritual life, to the congregation. Nurses provide health education classes, such as CPR training, as well as screening programs, such as blood pressure checks. They participate in health fairs and provide individual counseling, serve as a referral source to community health agencies, or to other appropriate sources of care, sponsor the biannual Blood Donor program, and maintain a small number of medical devices such as walkers and canes that are available on loan. To become a Parish Nurse or request their services, contact Grover Putnam (864-232-7341).

Senior Living Workshops – Our workshops provide information and encouragement for seniors (and for those who are caregivers of seniors) as they navigate the unique challenges of this stage of life. Recent workshops have addressed issues such as wills and power-of-attorney questions, long-term care options, and understanding dementia. Workshops are generally held at 11:30 AM on the fourth Tuesday of the month (during the school year) and include a light lunch. For information, contact Rev. Grover Putnam or the church office (864-232-7341).

Share and Care Group – BSUMC’s Share and Care Group offers support in a confidential, Christian environment to those who are suffering from chronic pain and illness. The group meets twice monthly on the first Friday of the month in Travelers Rest, and the third Friday of the month at BSUMC. Both meetings begin at 10:00 AM. Contact Karen McCarty (864-294-9902).

Take Heart – This ministry connects hurting women with individuals, churches, and ministries that offer need-specific help and hope in Christ. The BSUMC Take Heart team provides support to Take Heart’s activities, participates in opportunities to learn about specific areas of need, and seeks ways to promote outreach-oriented women’s ministry. Contact Sandy MacMillan (864-320-8665).

Women’s Ministry – BSUMC provides ongoing encouragement for women through United Methodist Women (UMW) and Women at the Well. UMW Circles meet monthly for fellowship and encouragement with a mission emphasis. Women at the Well promotes spiritual growth of women in the church and community through weekly Bible studies, annual retreats, and special events. For information, email