God Among Us

God Among Us

April 3, 2017

Dear Buncombe Street Family,

It was evident all morning on Sunday, April 2, that God was doing something special among us. There was excitement in the air that was palpable, and the Church Conference confirmed what I expected from the morning hours with our Church Family.

The final tally of the votes showed an overwhelming vote in favor of the adoption of Trinity as a campus of Buncombe Street. Of the 471 votes cast, 391 were in favor of the Resolution and 80 were against the Resolution. It passed with 83% of the vote.

Now, we begin the work of bringing Trinity into the Buncombe Street family and helping them assimilate. We will develop a transition team comprised of members from Buncombe Street and Trinity. We will ask Nominations to work with the leadership at Trinity to provide leaders from Trinity to serve on various committees and boards at Buncombe Street. Beyond committees and boards, it is important that we welcome the Trinity family to the Buncombe Street family and express our welcome, our support and our care for them as we engage in ministry together.

It is important that we recognize the work of the excellent Due Diligence team and other specialists from Buncombe Street who served tirelessly and under serious time restraints to produce solid information that gave us every confidence in this ministry venture.

These sacrificial servants were:
Shannon Bull
Janice Holliday
Chris Malaska
Rev. Roy Mitchell
Scott Powell
Tommy Sinclair
Doug Stambaugh
Judy Suggs
Scott Williams
Sandi Wilson

When you see these incredible people, please thank them for their service.

God has placed before us a great opportunity to expand our footprint in Greenville and extend God’s grace, hope and peace to God’s people at Trinity.

May the love of God and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit be with us all.

Grace & Peace,

Bob Howell
Senior Pastor

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