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Wear a Name Tag

Yes, knowing your name is priceless but truly few people at BSUMC today know everybody’s name. We find that it’s sometimes difficult to remember names. (How awkward those moments can be!) There are plenty of good reasons to wear a name tag, whether it’s for church leaders knowing who you are, or even for your knowing who they are! A name tag can help in easing into conversation with someone you haven’t met or been introduced to. Plus a name tag can really help reduce embarrassing moments when you forget someone’s name.

Recently the church staff began wearing name tags bearing the red UMC cross and flame logo. Since this was launched, many members are saying that they’d like to have one, too! Well the church loves that so we are providing a way for you to order a name tag for you and your family. There is a very small cost, but hey, it’s small. For only $6 you’ll get a molded plastic name tag with a magnet that attaches easily to clothing.

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