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We know that being a parent in today’s world can be tough. With endlessly changing technology, adult-size pressures, temptation, and big-life decisions, our students are stressed like never before. We want to provide a resource for parents during these times, and this is what Parent Hot Topic Nights are for. We bring in experts in the fields that matter most to parents in hopes that you can be kept up-to-date on the latest trends and threats to students and to be a resource in the ever-changing landscape of parenting.

YMN – We will split up into our middle and high school groups and hit the town. One month we might be at the church playing games, and the next month we are out bowling, playing ice hockey, hide and seek in downtown. The options are endless. Check back here and on our Facebook and Instagram for more each month’s adventure!

PHT & YMN dates (6:00 – 7:30 PM)
January 28 — Anxiety and Depression
February 25 — Body Image
March 25 — Teens & Technology
May 20 — Helping Children Transition from Middle School to High School, or High School to College

Learn to love and appreciate your own body regardless of your weight, shape, or size so that you can be your healthiest self and so you can role model body appreciation for your children. Remind your children that true beauty is not a specific shape or size, nor is it a photoshopped image. God defines beauty entirely differently than our culture does. As Kerstin Blomquist reminds us, “We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made.” You may contact Kerstin by email or through her website.