Roll Audit

Greetings from Buncombe Street United Methodist Church! We are thankful that you, in choosing to unite with our church in membership, have been a part of the BSUMC family and have involved yourself in our ministry. However, we do realize that situations change. People move. Children grow up and start their own lives and families. Our spiritual needs vary. And as much as we would love to have you here at BSUMC, we know that your specific situation might make that impossible. In that regard, we will appreciate your help by updating your membership status. The information we’re requesting will help us greatly in determining our actual membership numbers, discovering the true number of family units in our congregation, setting our annual budget, and planning the ministries of and for the congregation.

From this page, please complete the form to update your membership status. When completed, the church will know how to best get in touch with you.

Please select the option that best suits your present needs and commitments.

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