The Ritual of Confirmation

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The Ritual of Confirmation

Through confirmation, and through the reaffirmation of our faith, we renew the covenant declared at our baptism, acknowledge what God is doing for us, and affirm our commitment to Christ’s holy church.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017

Morgan Elizabeth Babb
Rebekah Ellis Bannister
Andrew Still Billig
Anna Katherine Byford
Patrick David Champion
Thomas Marion Creech, III
William Cameron Daniels
Anthony Patrick Evans
Morgan William Fayssoux, III
Abigail Jordan Finney
Charlotte Grace Fridy
Mary Kate Giordano
Robert Hawkins Greene
Harold Leslie Hall, IV
Davis Campbell Harvey
Jack Delbert Howle, IV
Luke Edward Isett
Emma Elizabeth Jones
Benjamin Crooks Middleton
Timothy Michael Morrissey, Jr.
Tucker Baines Neeley
DeLaney Brooke Price
Avery MacLean Rankin
Timothy Carter Ross
Andrew James Russell
Leo Christopher Scalzo
Jacob Scott Schwasnick
Emily Grace Smith
Benjamin Edward Taylor
Michael Sean Turner
Amanda Davis Upton
Matthew Gates Upton
Charlotte Jean Wilson
Edith Gwinn Youngblood

To the very generous, kind and faithful Confirmation leaders, thank you:

Catriona Carlisle
Parker Carlisle
Judy Mulkey
Steve Mulkey
Tim Poole
Hilleary Quay
David Simmons
Georgie Simmons
Rosie Gaddy
Maria Sellers and Delaney Carlisle, Youth Representatives

Additional thanks to the behind the scene helpers:
Cody Puck, Music Leader
Richard Upton, Boys’ Ensemble coach
Mendi Knisley, Missions Board
Stacy Brandon, Glen & Tammy Calder, JoAnn Jones, and Kim Redmond, Confirmation Reception