Trinity Transition Team Update

Trinity Transition Team Update

August 11, 2017

E pluribus unum,” a traditionally American motto, appears on The Great Seal of the United States. These thirteen letters translate from Latin as: “Out of many, One.” For some three months now, this has been an unspoken motto of our Trinity Transition Team; created to bring the members of Trinity UMC into Buncombe Street UMC as a single family, united in membership and mission.

After a number of hours of meeting, planning and praying, the Team is seeing small successes becoming a growing flood of unity of purpose, fellowship, and Christian mission. We feel it is now appropriate to give the members of both campuses a brief update of our work.

Rev. Ben Burt is now a member of the BSUMC clergy team and, even before his first Sunday as the pastor of the Trinity Campus, work began to pave the way for the journey that will bring all of us together. Children’s Sunday school classes have been enhanced, the music program has been coordinated, and all of the teams have assignments working to bring the lay administration and ministry leaders together. Rev. Burt has begun visitation to get to know Trinity members and the Augusta Road community.

Facility upgrades for the Trinity Campus are being considered to further enhance all ministries with immediate emphasis being placed on the CDC program. Additionally, the campus administrations are merging, which has meant enhancements for staff, students, and teachers of the Trinity CDC. Church-wide communications are being improved with connection to BSUMC resources.

To further our progress, each member of our Transition Team has taken on responsibility to coordinate the integration of specific ministry areas. If you are asked to serve on one of these coordination teams, please prayerfully consider volunteering your talents.

Team members look forward to the beginning of 2018, when we believe BSUMC Trinity Campus and Downtown Campus will begin years of a wonderful family relationship: as One Church, unified in the mission “To Be and Make Disciples of Christ.” – E Pluribus Unum!

Transition Team Members:
Paul Gaughf
Mary Helms
John Redmond
Carol Wilson
Matt Hawley, Jr.
Janice Holliday
Tommy Sinclair