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Each week there are a number of visitors who come to BSUMC. Our church is a large property and it’s easy to miss a turn or two when coming into the building or navigating the hallways. All of us can offer a gracious moment in helping visitors and those who are new to the church be able to navigate the church property, especially as people come into the building or Sanctuary.

New signs will be placed around the property that will be helpful to anyone who comes to the church for the first time, but, they may need one more assistance. This is where YOU come in!

No sign ever made is as good as another human being helping another find out where they wish to go. The church is recruiting greeters for our Welcoming Ministry and need you to help! Please select one Sunday of the month and offer your time for two 30-minute time periods to help newcomers find their way to the Sanctuary and Sisk Hall for worship and also to Sunday school. Will you help?

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